I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have found AP Ranch Mini Aussie’s and Pauline the owner. I spent over a month looking for the right future family member, I was prepared to fly to Alabama for one and my wife asked me to try one more time to try California again, not finding the right one. Pauline took time to address what I was looking for and I found one in her litter that was just born the week before, so we drove to her ranch and fell in love immediately. She answered all my questions and introduced me to the parents of my new Daisy. I visited 3 times until I could take her home. After taking her home I found out Pauline had potty trained her among other interactions that she knew! I took her for her 1st Dr check up and the Dr said he was amazed at how healthy and perfect her demeanor was and how she was comfortable when she was cradled on her back, something Pauline had told me about that she teaches her puppies to do! Pauline gave me a big to go bag with all sorts of goodies and toys too. I will let anyone know if they are looking for one that AP Ranch Aussies is the place to get one! I highly recommend them! Pauline, your welcome to include my phone number in there also! Bart Thompson 949-338-5273

6Hi Pauline, Just a quick note to let you know how in love we are with Oscar. He is a ham for the camera and loves sleeping on his big sisters tail ( Our Golden Zellie) His little brother ( Monty ) and him chase each other around the yard until they both collapse for a nap. Puppy classes started this past Saturday and he is catching on fast to what he is being asked to do. Potty training is going well. Will send updates as milestones are accomplished. Mark & Devon Carmel, CA


Hi Pauline!! I hope this is still the correct e-mail for you! My name is Nicole and I purchased Guinness (previously named Cowboy) from you in early 2012. It's been five years and thought I'd send you an update! Guin has been quite the little traveler with me! He has now lived in five states all over the country and we currently reside (and have settled) in the mountains of Bozeman, Montana! Guinness LOVES hiking every weekend and "herd" his dad and I along the path. Since moving to Bozeman, I have seen an incredible change in his happiness, after all, I'm only here to give my pup the life he deserves! Besides hiking, he is a huge snuggler and LOVES being able to come with me to work every day! He is rarely at home alone and TOTALLY spoiled by everyone. He is certainly "Mr. Popular" around here and wins the heart of everyone he meets within 30 seconds. His personality is so stikin' smart, hilarious and downright adorable. I know you had lost his dad right before (?) the birth of his litter and were a little reluctant to give him up but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the most perfect, loving, adventurous best friend/puppy child I could ever have dreamed of. He is the most important thing on the planet. We can't wait to get him a brother sometime in the future and will HAVE to be an aussie!! I have attached a few pictures of him for you :) Again, thank you!! Sincerely, Nicole



Hey Pauline,

No news, but wanted to send you a quick email to tell you how much we love having Claude in our lives and send you some current pictures! He's the best puppy and an even better addition to our lives than we could have hoped. He finishes his first round of puppy classes next week and then we're going to keep working on his training. He's also already 20 pounds so we think he'll be big like his dad! Hope all is well, -- Katherine R. Kelley




Subject: Update on Harley!

Hi Pauline! I pray things are going good for you! Anyway, just giving you an update on Harley! He is one of the most amazing, wonderful, gorgeous, smartest puppies I have ever had! He is doing so well! He goes just about everywhere with me, loves everyone and is doing so great on his training. Our new thing is he has become my new ATV riding partner. He has a crate attached to the back and he wears sunglasses (Doggles) and absolutely loves it! He lays right down and just goes for the ride! We donít do fast riding, so he totally safe. Heís been out to several places. Thanks again for giving us the dog of our dreams! We love him so much and heís growing like a weed! Here are some pictures!

Subject: Update on ella

Pauline, Ella has been such a joy to us in these few weeks we have had her. Her & Dewey are getting along just fine. She picks on him and tugs on his ears but he gives it right back. They play all day long and cuddle together at night. She started her Puppy training classes this week and did best in her class (Proud dogmom moment! Had to brag). We are amazed how smart she is! at 11 weeks she can already sit, lay down and stay. She is such a great addition to our family! Thank you so much for taking such good care of her up until the day we took over. We appreciate all your help! The vet appointment went well! They tested her for everything & she's healthy! Thank you for letting me know about the other puppy though. ADI

Hello Pauline! I havenít sent you any testimonial updates in a while so I thought I would send you a new updated picture! Kiah is doing great with her Agility! She just got her excellent title in Jumpers with Weaves and is one qualifying run away from her excellent title in Standard. She is such a smart girl! Shadow is beautiful and doing great like always! She is still a sassy little girl just like her Mom Queenie. Ditto is doing fantastic! She wins everyones hearts and loves to snuggle. Indy is a feisty one and is doing great! She is a little small but she has a mighty personality. All 4 of the girls are so smart and lovable. Everyone always comments on how gorgeous they are when we go to the beach or on walks. Thank you again for breeding such beautiful and amazing dogs. Hope you enjoy the pictures! Nicole, Jeremy, Sandy, Tommy, Sean and the girls (Kiah, Shadow, Ditto, and Indy)

Hello Grandma Pauline, I wanted to update you with what I've been up to the last few months and send some pictures for your website. I got spayed and chipped (not so fun!) I love riding all around town in the basket of my mummy's tricycle (great sight seeing). I'm a very popular playmate at three different doggie parks (awesome fun!) I've graduated from obedience and two puppy agility classes and am now attending my first big dog agility class (I'm a natural what can I say!) Oh ya, I also under went a name change. My mummy (Lear) sends her love! Love always Brooklyn (formally known as Levi) hugs and licks xoxo

Subject: Chloe x Truman pup 2 years old

Hi Pauline, We thought youíd enjoy a recent picture of our Maggie May. She was born 10-06-13 out of Chloe and Truman. She is a big girl now, weighing 32 lbs and around 18+ in. She is a sweet dog with lots of energy and personality. She loves to go camping and play fetch with her favorite ball. She jumps very high and we are thinking about teaching her to play frisbeeWinking smile We love her dearly and look forward to spending many more years with her. Thank you for our little blessing, Mike and Linda Davila

Subject: Pics of our Puppy

Thank you for the best birthday present I have ever received! My family picked this little guy out in May and he turns 6 months old on Friday. We all love Banxy!!! Such a sweet boy and he loves to hike, walk and play fetch. He is mini but he's still an Aussie-he watches birds all day long, is right under my feet every minute that we are together and loves to herd other herding dogs. Thanks Pauline!

Subject: Re: Dogs

Hi Pauline, thanks so much for connecting with me. i love everything you wrote. You sound like an amazing woman and a very wonderful dog breeder. i wish all dog breeders were like you. I love your site. I can feel the love. I hope my site didn't make you sad. i want my site to be about the beauty and power of relationships and honor those special bonds we have with our senior dogs, whether we've been with them since they were pups or adopted them when they became seniors. It's all about that "unconditional love". Stay in touch. Cheers!


Hey Pauline, Porter has made great progress the last week and we are very proud of him! Walks have helped a lot and we started puppy classes yesterday! He had his first vet visit last week and the vet said he was very healthy and he agreed with all of your recommendations for vaccines. We were wondering what brand of jerky treats and the orange/tan wafer type treats were that you sent home with us? He loves them! Thanks, Brittany, Ryan, and Porter

Subject: RE: AP RANCH Aussie Pups

Hi, here are some Trace pictures. Skye is being a grump and setting his boundaries. The second is on our little walk this morning and the third is last night in his new backyard. He's sleeping in his kennel as we speak. Pauline, thank you so much for everything and John and I are very impressed with you and the exceptional care you give your puppies. Sincerely, Michelle


Hello Pauline,

It's been a week and a half and Levi is doing great! Thank you again for our new family member, we love her to death. See the attached picture for your website. Thank you! Happily Lear






Hi Pauline,

Ellie is now 12 weeks old, 7 1/2 pounds, full of energy and an absolute joy! She is doing well with the potty ellietraining and has been quick to learn basic commands like "sit" and "stay". She loves to play fetch, interacting with visitors, and she is learning to get along with our cat. We're trying to get her used to outings, but for now she is more comfortable at home. We are looking forward to the end of January when she gets her final puppy vaccinations and we can start taking her for walks and to puppy kindergarten. I've included a photo of Ellie that was taken on Christmas day. She is definitely the best Christmas present we've ever had! Julie

Kiah got 1st place and a Q in jumpers today!!

To: Pauline
Subject: Agility

Good Morning Pauline!

Just a little update on the girls. Kiah and Shadow are both doing amazing.
Shadow just turned 1 at the end of September and is just as sweet and loving
as always. I finally got Kiah registered to compete. Her first competition
will be Sunday November 30! Im really excited but nervous too. Her
registered name is AP Ranch Kiahfornia Heart . I also have attached a
picture of the girls from our pumpkin carving party! Hope all is well!


Subject: Mel & Addie Addie had her spay operation and microchip insertion done yesterday. She is home and doing well. Mel was a bit lonely while she was gone. Their training is progressing nicely and I am now searching for their second or adolescent class to fine tune their training. They are both individually unique but very sweet lovable dogs. Michael

Hi Pauline.


I just wanted to give you an update.  I love our little puppy.  We named her Chuskie.  She is a hyper as all get out, but she is adorable. She is so very friendly and doesn't have a mean bone in her body, although she did bark aggressively at a guy in our neighborhood.  It was very out of character for her.


We take her with us pretty much everywhere, and we always have people asking about her.  I give them your name because I figure you would appreciate the business.


We really never got to meet in person, so you don’t really know that I mostly bought the dog for my daughter, knowing that when she moves out in a couple of years, she would take her along.  We have two small dog’s and one is 15, so she is not going to be around that much longer.  The other is 10. 


I was wondering how you felt about mating Chuskie with one of your males a little down the road (after a year or so), then letting me have pick of the litter, with you keeping the rest of the pups?  I have no intention of breeding her, but I thought that maybe you would consider this.  My daughter does not want to do it at all because she says it will “violate” her, so it may not even be an option at all.  I just wanted your input.  If not, I understand, so just know that I will be in touch in a couple of years for another puppy.


Anyway, hope to hear from you soon with your input.

Alexis Neuenfeldt, ACS

Hi Pauline,Here's Rick and Brandi on our last hike. She loves the outdoors as much as we do. I hope all is well with you and Andy is doing better. Robin



Subject: Addie and Mel

These guys are a hoot. They graduate from puppy school this Sunday.Michael




Luke and the puppies!

The pups had their first swim lesson today. I took them one at a time in the shallow end and let them swim about 2-3 feet to the steps and let them climb out of the pool. Then our little buddy Luke came over and played with them.

Hi Pauline,

AP RanchThank you! Brody is doing great. I couldn't be happier to have him as my puppy. I love him so much! Potty training is definitely still a work in progress but it's going well. You were right aboutAP Ranch him on his first couple of nights at home. He woke me up around 3 or 4 the first two nights, but since then he has been sleeping through the night. Health wise everything has been great as well. I am actually taking him to his next vet appointment today. He also gets along really well with my sister's dogs. He loves to run around and play with them. I'll attach some pictures for you. It's amazing how fast they grow at this age. Every day he just gets bigger and bigger. -Jordan

AP Ranch

Hi Pauline

Just wanted to let you know that Gracie is doing great.Gracie completed the AKC Star Puppy program and started basic obedience last week. Health wise everything is fine. We have so much enjoyed having her in our family. For your information we highly recommend Kindred Spirits Dog Training in Vista. They specialize in Aussie training and offer a full program through advanced certifications. Dick and Barbara Miller

Subject: Greetings from Boz! Boz wanted to let you see ow he's grown! We love him so much!!! Bruce and Erin Wagner

hey pauline, This is katie hughes, we picked up the male mini assist last thursday. We just wanted to give you aAP Ranch quick update. We have named the puppy Dozer, he is hell on all fours :-) and he is fitting into the family perfectly. He loves to play with our other mini Aussie Tuff. We will have to work on potty training, but thats just a puppy thing. He was sad the first night and missed his family but now he just plays, sleeps, potties, and eats. He is loving the grass in the backyard he likes to go out and lay in the shade all stretched out. Here are a few pictures over the last few days! Hughes Family

AP RanchHi Grandma, Urdina here. I think of you often and just wanted to say hello. Mom's grandson took this picture of me on his IPhone when he was here one Sunday and I just wanted you to see me. I get prettier every day. I'm not bashful, you can tell. If you ever come this way, stop by the ranch. I'm here most days chasing rabbits or squirrels. Mom's calling me. Gotta go! Bye for now, leaving my pawprint on your heart. Love, Urdina

Hi Pauline, Hope you are doing well. My family was interested in getting another puppy from you. We were wondering when you will be breeding Ditto again because we would like to get another puppy from one of her litters because we love her personality. We want another girl blue mearle. We are more than willing to put down a down payment when you decide to breed Ditto again. Kiah is doing wonderful and is spoiled beyond belief! I have attached a recent picture of her. Nicole, Sandy, Tommy, Sean, and Kiah

AP RanchHey Pauline this is Brady I bought a puppy from you back in May(last year). Judy wanted to update you and let you know that he is doing great and is the happiest puppy ever. Here are a few pictures of him. Thanks again!

AP Ranch

Hello Pauline! AP Ranch

Thought you might enjoy this picture of Kiah and Shadow posing for our family Christmas Cards! They are doing great and getting along much better! Nicole sent some pictures and a testimonial about a week ago. Hope you liked them!

Sandy and Nicole

JOURNEY WITH HER DOGS KIAH AND LELAH...This is my great granddaughter, Journey, the yellow dog is a Chance and Fergie pup who is now a year old and their new puppy who is out of Ditto and by Frankie,††Just a testimonial of how good these dogs can be with children when supervised and the child is taught to be gentle.



Hi Pauline,

We're having so much fun with Brandi. We went on a walk in Fallbrook Sunday (I wanted to bring her by to see you, but didn't have phone # with me). Brandi had her first day of class at Petco Saturday, and I must say she was the smartest one in the bunch! :)







Hi Pauline,

I just wanted to send some pictures your way of our Oliver (denim)! He graduated from puppy training last week and was the top of his class! He's so smart. We love him soo much!! Thanks again!

Chris and Cassy

Robin & Rick

Robin Welshiemer Brandi is growing. Pictures are below. We love her so much and have adapted to being puppy parents. Sheís doing very good with her potty training and is crate trained. She sleeps in her crate all night, and no more middle of the night potty trips. She is so smart. She can sit and lay down on command and starts her puppy classes at Pet smart April 12th. We got her started on the New Vet Vitamins immediately. Youíre welcome to post any of her pictures or our comments. We will always highly recommend you. Iíd like to bring her to visit you in a few months if you donít mind.


Thanks for the info. We greatly appreciate your experience. We are still thinking this one over. Gracie is such a good girl. Willing goes in the crate beside our bed and sleeps though the night. Let's us know when she needs to go potty at about 5:30 or 6:00am. She learned to heal very quickly which has made our walks so enjoyable. Sit, stay, down and come she does pretty well for a puppy. It's so nice that she gets it and so much loves the play time after the discipline. Potty training is 100 percent in the crate. If we watch carefully she is starting to let us know that she has to go when out of the crate during the day. We so much appreciate having you to turn to for advice.

Dick Miller


Hello Pauline!

Just letting you know how Shadow is doing at her new home. She made herself right at home the moment we picked her up. Her and Kiah are getting along more and more every day. She already seems to understand the "sit" command and does great on her leash when we walk her in the front yard. She uses the doggy door perfectly, only problem is when she goes out she doesn't really like to come back in. Shadow loves playing out in the backyard and running through all the plants and flowerbeds. We can tell she is getting bigger and bigger every day! Shadow can be very stubborn at times and is showing a lot of Queenie's personality. She has a little feisty side which surprises Kiah sometimes. But overall she is doing amazing and loves trying to play with Kiah. She has slept all the way through the night since the day we brought her home and doesn't make a peep when she is in her kennel for the night. She is blending into the family no problem and we love her so much!



Love, Sandy, Tommy, Nicole, Sean, Kiah & Shadow





Also a little update on Wiley: He's doing great and he loves his long hikes with my dad. We sometimes take him to the dog park and he loves every moment of it chasing and being chased by all the dogs. He also went to dog beach for the first time and he also loves it there cause he can dig as many holes as he wants! Haha He never fails to make us laugh and there's never a dull moment with him! Thank you again for such a great dog! My family and I love him so much!

Sincerely, Monique Elliott








Hi Wanted to let you know that Gracie managed the ride home without too much anxiety. After a walk around the house she settled down, had rice and chicken and water and a nap. House traning during the day went pretty well. Her two mistakes we count as ours. The night was excellent. She settled down next our bed and went right to sleep. She woke us up to go at 2:00 AM and went out and immediately did both #1 and #2. This was repeated at 3:30 and 6:00 AM. So far the morning has included a walk, play and another nap. She only picked at her rice and chicken this morning. We took it up, put it in the refrigerator and will offer it to her at noon. Thank you for all the love you have brought into our home. Dick and Barbara




Pauline. Thank you!!! Our puppy is the best thing that has happened to us. He is full of life and joy. Katie and I were the ones who purchased your blue boy puppy that was born on 10/6/2013. We couldn't be happier with you and the puppy. It is time for him to get his next round of shots. We were thinking about going to our local vet just because the drive is a bit far for us. We wanted to ask though, if we do go to our local vet how long after these shots should we wait to make sure he doesn't get sick from other puppies. He will need one more final set of shots, but according to your paper that isn't until next month. Is it ok to take him on walks outside after this round of shots? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Lastly, we were wondering if you could email us over the dogs papers. Thanks. Joseph & Katie

From: Joseph Barglowski All is very well & I appreciate your response during this tough time. We are going to start him for puppy classes, thanks for the information. I am sure if the registration papers were in the goodie bag that I have them. He is doing amazing! So full of life and energy, we couldn't be happier. I attached 3 pictures, I will send you more as he continually grows. We absolutely love him!

Sky and Chance

Sky and ChanceWe did some family pics this week. here are some with the pups. Chance is HUGE--at least 10 pounds more than Sky lol. They are both doing very well. Sky loves frisbee at the park by our house each day and Sky and ChanceChance loves to chase all the dogs around and play. He bounces like a bunny rabbit just like Koda did. Hope all is well with you and the family! Best, Liz




Hi there Pauline,

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. Just wanted to send you a quick note. Charlie is doing great. We just love him soo much. He is a walking advertisement for you. My sister is seriously considering one. He has slept through the night with one or two wakings. We couldn't be happier with him.

Thanks again,

Bevi, Tim, Christopher, Isabel, Aidan and Charlie





pupHi Pauline, Its been a while since we updated you on how Utah was doing so I though I'd write and send you a couple of pictures that I took today. He is doing great, and is by far the most handsome dog in Newport Beach! We can't walk down the street without being stopped by people who just want a chance to pet him and compliment his good looks. He turned out to be not quite a mini, and I think he tips the scales at around 45-50 lbs these days but he hasn't been officially weighed in a few months. We think he's finally done growing, but you never know. He is absolutely picture perfect, in good health, and very happy. We start agility training in the next couple of weeks, so we'll see how he does, but based on the fact that he can jump over my head I'm sure he'll do just fine. He is a pretty gifted athlete. We were wondering if we can stop by the ranch sometime over summer so he can visit his litter mates and his mom. Let me know. I hope all is well. Sincerely, Aaron & Summer


Hi Pauline, We love our little guy so much! He is a bundle of energy and sweet too!!! The potty training is going much better. Thank goodness you trained him to use a doggy door. He now knows how to sit, fetch and is no longer afraid of the leash. So smart!








UrdinaHi Grandma, Urdina here. I think of you often and just wanted to say hello. Mom's grandson took this picture of me on his IPhone when he was here one Sunday and I just wanted you to see me. I get prettier every day. I'm not bashful, you can tell. If you ever come this way, stop by the ranch. I'm here most days chasing rabbits or squirrels. Mom's calling me. Gotta go! Bye for now, leaving my pawprint on your heart. Love, Urdina




Hey Pauline!

Chris has the majority of the pictures of Quora on his computer, but I attached one of our favorites to this email. If you would like more photos, please let me know and I'll ask Chris to send them to you. We love her bunches, she's our little wiggle butt monster.

Thanks! Courtney



Dear Pauline,

Urdina here. Thought I'd let you know how I'm doing. I have recovered pretty well from my surgery. You can see that I had to wear a cone----two weeks at that. I adapted pretty well to it. However, mom's legs were black and blue because I kept running into her. And................she called me "Cone Head". Go figure. I can't help it if that cone stuck out so far. Blame the vet. No sooner did I get the cone off, I'm finding out that we were going away for a few days. Never mind that I've never traveled far in a car, let alone in a truck with a toy hauler hitching a ride with us. But, I had fun and was a good girl. They told me what a good traveler I was. Shoot, I could have told them that. We ended up at the Ag Center in Tulare at a tractor show. Got to see lots of people and other critters like me. Now, I do like my crate but you can see in the pictures, I like to crash on the couch as well. It's nice and soft. Tipia was actually nice to me on this trip. He can be nice when he wants to be. Did I tell you that I graduated from puppy school at Pet Smart? Well, I did. I can sit, down, shake and mom taught me to hang eight and speak. I still need practice on loose leash walking. They even gave me a certificate of completion. I'm proud of me. Well, enough about what I've been doing. I hope my other mom (Lexi) is doing good. I miss seeing you as well. Maybe you can come to see me sometime. Got to run for now. Love, Urdina


Hi Pauline,

I just wanted to give you an update on Milo. I'm pretty sure he is actually only going to be a toy. At a recent veterinarian visit he weighed only 11 pounds at 6 months. He is a wonderful dog and so friendly, happy, and smart. He does still have his soft fur like his mom. Here is an updated photo of him.

Subject: Mark & Ustari (Willow) Heading To Work

Pauline, couple of cute pictures I took of the kids on their way to work...thought you'd enjoy. Ustari spends her night with Mark on the bed. Never a mishap. Sleeps right next to him. However, today she chewed through his internet connecting wire, lost all internet at the shop. Never a dull moment with her. He loves her a lot. Never goes anywhere without her. Feel free to share the pictures, they are for you.


Hey Pauline

Just wanted to send you pictures of my crazy diva Indy. She may be a crazy little diva. But she's the best dog ever. She loves everybody she meets. And always runs around saying hi to everyone when I take her to my parents house. I also think its time to get her a little partner in crime! Was wondering if you are planning another Princess/Ryder litter. I want to get a blue merle girl for her to run around with. I've never had a dog like this. Ball of energy and a brat. But she listens. Which is great. She's gone through training at pet smart and did good. But she rather run around and play with the dogs then lay down :) I know your super busy with all your puppies. Hope to here back soon! - Celso

Hi Pauline--

Just wanted to drop you a quick note on Barrington (the pups final name) and how he is doing. Little Bear is the absolute darling! He is maybe the sweetest pup I have seen. He is potty trained (mostly), very calm, and as loving as you could want. We are thrilled with him and he has us all wrapped around his little paw. He walks on lead, although he is very happy to be carried on walks, and loves nothing more than to settle in our lap and snooze. Don't think he is lazy though...he can zoom around the hill and yard like a bullet, so we have to keep an eye on him so he won't get into trouble. Speaking of trouble, I think we need a playmate for our boy and a half brother would be perfect. I will send you a deposit for the blue boy and we will come out to visit soon. We are going to call the blue Remington, so we will have Remy and Bear to keep us occupied. Thank you so much for bringing such a delight to our lives. We love our new addition and look forward to bringing in another! Cathi

Hi Pauline

Thank you so very much for the time you spent with us yesterday and for allowing us access to your wonderful ranch and your lovely dogs. We had such a hard time choosing our boy. If it had been left up to me, three would be coming home instead of one. We still may have to visit your new litter just in case our boy becomes lonely. However...one pup at a time!

We have finally decided what to call our boy. His akc name will be AP Ranch Chance of a Life Time and his Chance and Karma playinghome call name will be Chance. It seems appropriate and it is the one we all like. We really deliberated about calling him Ryder after his sire, but that did not seem to be appropriate as that should be your domain.

We are so excited about Friday. I keep picking up snacks and chewies for him every time I go to the store! Jim and I have read your packet from cover to cover and the kids will have to read it before they get to play with Chance...proper incentive I think. I will call our vet, Dr. Moussa and his girls tomorrow. They did everything they could to save our Riley and will be thrilled to meet Chance.

Appropriately, I teach Senior AP English Literature, so when I told my students about our new addition to the family and where he is from, boy, did you get the round of approval! Elizabeth is in my class and got peppered with questions. We are telling everyone that he is one up on the kids as Chance was BORN into AP!

The kids and I so look forward to Friday. We can't wait to have Chance with us.

Thank you again for all of your time and care you took with us, and with your beautiful pups. He would not be the wonderful pup he is without your time and effort to make him so.

See you Friday,


Subject: sky

Sky Hi Pauline! Sky is just such a little sweetheart. She was so good in the car. She sat on my lap and back of neck the whole car ride. We were stuck in traffic for awhile (got home at 6pm) and she didnt have an accident or get sick at all. She is loving her new home. Especially the backyard. We have had no accidents yet. She has gone potty outside everytime. She got up at 3am but i took her to pee and gave her food/water and she slept till 5:30am. She only whinned for 5 minutes but it was a hard 5 minutes! We kept her in the kennel the whole night. Now she is just snuggling by me on the couch. She loves the chiweenie dog (my sisters) but the other half doxi has not warmed up to her yet. She growled and nipped at Sky :(. I guess in time she will get used to her. It is Sky's house so she will have to learn. Also, our cat and Sky keep kissing and are very interested in playing until sky gets too fast and then the cat just stops and puts its paw out but no claws. So much activity and not even a whole day yet! Sorry about not having the 900 for you. I thought it was 800 the whole time that i still owed you! I will mail you that check asap. Attached is a pic of Sky in her yard and i will send over a few more in following emails now. Hope all is well and Merry Christmas! Best, Liz

Hi Paulene!

Thought it was time for an update! Kiah is doing great at her obedience classes. She only has a couple weeks left. She is a great listener. She spends her days with dad out in the garage. She lays in the driveway while dad works on Sean's bike. And she will lay in the front yard and keep an eye on everything. She is getting ready for her first big trip in a few weeks. She will be going with us to the Grand Nationals in Oklahoma for thanks giving and will have her first cross country drive. She is a great co pilot and I always enjoy her driving around town with me. She goes everywhere with dad. She is now a definite BMX track dog and Sean's number one fan! She even has her own custom Sean Gaian Factory Intense Racing jersey! She is doing great and gives us all lots of love and is always excited to see us. She is spoiled beyond belief and everyone loves her. Hope your doing good!

Love, Nicole, Sandy, Sean, Tommy, and Kiah


We have been enrolling them in training classes at Petsmart. Wrigley is about to graduate from advance class on Monday. We want to train him for he K-9 good citizen test but I think he is a little too affectionate for that. I believe you have to have a dog that will just sit there to be petted; Wrigley would just kiss you to death. Winter has grown into such a beautiful dog. She is so smart and loves being petted. Sometimes Dave and I think she can hear a little. She would be sleeping and we cup our hands to our mouths and make a loud echoing sound and she wakes up. They are both so precious and we love them so SO much. We either take them to the doggy park, long walks/jogs or to the doggy beach every day. We attached some pictures for you. We wanted to attach a video but it was too big. We will try to send more later. Dave and I will take a peek at your website from time to time to check out your beautiful babies and to see what other beautiful pups are being born. Hope all is well with you. Thank you for dropping a line. Take care and try to stay cool over there, I know it's pretty darn hot.

Best always, Dave, Nina, Wrigley and Winter


Hi Pauline!

I was planing on emailing you over the holiday weekend with pictures and videos for your site. I will still do so Yes Indy got a combo shot this past Sunday and will be getting another in 3 weeks. She also going Indyback to petsmart today for a puppy bath and grooming. We are doing good! She's a little cutie and everyone loves her. Finally found a food combo that she seems to like and I'm comfortable with. She doesn't eat it all in one sitting so I just leave it out and it will be gone by the time I get home from work. My nephews love to play with her. But she likes to play bite alot so thy get scared. And for some reason.... Barks at only my friends dogs and my nephew matthew..... Still trying to figure that one out..... Funny little energetic puppy. She's only 3.5 pounds when I took her to the vet that first week. And on Sunday she also weighed 3.5.... But I think she moved because I weighed her later on the same scale and it said 4.3.... Dont have a clue on that one either.... I will email you photos and videos soon. But here's a funny one of what she likes to do the most.


Hi Pauline, Penny

PennyHow are you?

I Just wanted to send you a couple pictures of Penny. I can't believe she will be 6 months already! She is an amazing dog and getting so big (about 14 pounds). I have her in Puppy training and agility class and she does awesome! We will also be getting her spayed this month which I am not looking forward to. Thanks so much for giving us such a great dog and family member! Michelle

Hi Pauline! Kiah is doing great! She can sit, stay, shake, and roll over on command. She does really good with "come" inside of the house but has some issues outside the house because of too many distractions. She is Kiahdoing really good with walking on a leash and now were just trying to get her to heel when walking. She loves to find water bottles around the house, dad gave her a cleaned out milk jug and she carries it around everywhere! And dad just got her a new ball that is bigger than her and she loves to push it around the backyard. She plays in her little pool when its warm. She is also a great car and track dog. She likes to stare out the window when we drive and just sits there with the air conditioning blowing in her face. She does amazing at the track with all the little kids, even after being rough with the boys and a little kid comes up she never nips or bites the little kids. She also does Kiahextremely well with the bikes. And she is definitely a people person, and is always happy and excited to see everyone. She is full of energy and always happy. Looking forward to seeing more updates on the other puppies! Thought you might like some updated pictures. Her fur is constantly changing and looks cool, and people still trip out with her two different color eyes. She is a joy and we all love her very much, she is definitely spoiled and loved. Hope your doing good and thanks again for breeding such an amazing dog! Sincerely, Nicole, Sandy, Sean, and Tommy

Hi Pauline:

Thought you might like to see how Darby is progressing. She is going to be leggy like Ditto I think. She is growing like a weed and probably close to 15lbs. give or take. We have her in puppy class and she is getting used to the other pups.....still a little shy though. Our daughter came down and brought her little terrier and they had a ball once he taught her how to "play". She likes chasing but doesn't like being chased. Must be the herding genes. If anyone else has sent pictures of the other pups we would love to see those, too. Hope you are doing well and the colts are growing and healthy.

Tom and Judy Jensen

Hey Pauline, Aubbie

Just wanted to check in with you and let you know that aubbie is doing great! I just love him so much, he has a great little personality. He is 12 pounds right now, perfect litttle size for the time being This is my favorite picture of him, so I thought I would share. Hope all is well with you.

Brittany and Brett Benoun


LoganSo sorry I have not sent you pictures and an update. Logan (Lyle) is doing great. Nash (my standard) loves him so much. They never stop playing together. The kids just adore him too! We are still working on the housebreaking, but otherwise he is just the best little dog. So sweet! He is a wonderful addition to the family, even the cats like him. Thank you, Debbie



Subject: My Buddy Blue

Good morning Pauline, I hope you are doing as well as Blue and I are! As you can see by the attached picture,Blue he is a really cute puppy. Everywhere we go, people come up to him, pet him, and ask a bunch of questions about him. He is in puppy classes to get as much socialization as possible (with two other Aussies in the class). For your info, I am feeding him a half cup of Royal Canin (dry) in the morning and afternoon followed by a quarter can of Innovia at night. I always keep a little bit of dry food available for him inbetween meals. Other than that, he gets his last shot this evening and I can't wait to take him hiking. He is starting to learn how to play fetch with a tennis ball and is a fast little guy. Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is any information I can pass to you to help with your breeding program.

Best Regards, Phil

Pauline: You know, I really think Bumper is extremely smart. It IS scary how much of what we tell him, he "gets." I have not trained him in the strict sense (like a professional trainer told me) but he does know just about every darn thing I tell him. He is smart enough to have figured out that he doesn't have to do EVERYTHING I tell him, and of course, has a mind of his own. I take him for a pretty long run every day, and he of course sleeps with me. The only thing I can't seem to stop him from doing is when someone comes to the door, he goes crazy barking. I know it’s because he is bored during the day, and so wants some excitement. When I take him running, I let him off the leash, and he ranges around a bit, but he always comes when I call him back. He loves to chase rabbits, but.....has never caught one! I am getting too old for golf every day, so I spend a lot of time with him, and that is really a GOOD thing! I really don't know what I would do without him! -Hugh


PennyPenny is doing ok with potty training, she is still peeing in the house but only pooping outside. She is probably about 5-7 pounds now, when she first went to the vet she was not even 3 pounds. When I take her in for her last set of shots I'll weigh her again. The vet guesses she won't be more than 17 pounds. During the day when I leave her shePenny stays in a pack n play and at night she sleeps in her cage. I'm working on training her to sit and stay but she's still young so it's taking time. She thinks im playing and try's to bite (play bite) when I'm trying to train her. Brianna still loves her puppy but doesn't like when Penny runs around the house following her biting her ankles. I'm really trying to teach Brianna to tell her "no bite" and give penny a toy. Everything Is going well and I'm very happy to have Penny as part of our family. I hope everything is going well on the ranch! Talk to you soon, Michelle




Dear Pauline, Bella

A week has passed since I picked up Bella from you, and she is doing fantastic! She is potty trained and doggie door trained. She comes when called, sits and lays down on command. She loves everyone she meets. She is the best puppy in the world!! I can't thank you enough for the wonderful gift that is my precious Bella! You are the most amazing breeder. Your care and attention to detail with training and socialization is incredible. I will recommend AP Ranch to all my friends. I would love to visit you with Bella soon. I am sure she would love to see her mommy, Ditto, and you!! Best regards,


Bella at 8 months old

Hi Pauline,

Bella is doing great! She is 8 months old now. She is such a love bug!! We are so lucky to have her. She has been going to Camp Bow Wow during the week for the last month and a half and she loves it. She is also in obedience training. She is SO smart. We just love her so much. Thank you!! Here is a current photo.







Hi Pauline! She has been incredibly good since we got her. She only got sick once on the drive home but now goes in the car fine and sits right next to my dad. She is extremely spoiled and gets lots of attention. She sleeps on the desk while my dad is working and at night she sleeps in the kennel in either my room or in my parents room. The second night she cried a lot but it has slowly been decreasing. Also, she can now go in and out of the doggy door and it only took 2 days for her to get it. She is incredibly smart. Today dad took her with him to pick up Grandma for dialysis and she hates Riley, she refused to go near him and hid behind my dad. She is incredibly good and has already claimed our huge bean bag for herself and she tries to take up as much space as she can. We have been playing with her outside and now she will run around the backyard and jump in and out of my dads plants, which he is not thrilled about at times haha. She also found our putting green and likes to get the balls out of the hole, she even tries to outsmart us when we take the golf ball away cause she will just look at us and then grab another one. We will keep you updated! Thanks again! The Gaian Family

Dear Pauline, I can’t tell you how much I love Ranger, she is so smart and so loyal. She goes to work with me Rangersome of the time and the rest of the time she stays home in the front or back yard. I am single so I am thrilled that she is never mad when I am late getting home, she is always happy to see me no matter what, unlike my x wife. With Ranger I can do no wrong, she is always at my side adoring me when we are together. She was relatively easy to potty train too, she has a doggie door from the garage to the back yard and I made an entrance to the front yard too so she has lots of room. As long as I leave the door from the house to the garage ajar she can open it to get out. She loves her toys and her bed in the house, she has just made my life happier. Thank you for raising such wonderful, loyal, loveable pets. I did have her spayed like I said I would. Tom



Hi, Sally is doing great! She is in with me when I am home and out in the dog run (approx 40'X50') with the Schipperke when we are at work. They run and play like banshees! She learned to go in and out the doggie door in about 1 minute...hitting it with her paw first before going through. She's had very few accidents in the house and would have had less if I had paid closer attention, but sometimes get busy. She is like my 2nd shadow most o fthe time but is starting to get a little more adventuresome when not in the dog run. This coming weekend I will try her out with me when I am doing horse things for a while. Hans is already very attached to her too....that's a first. She is so very sweet and smart. She is really a joy to have and I thank you for allowing me to have her. Take care, Rick

Hi Pauline,

Hope you and your pet family are doing great. Shelby is doing great, first week she found the citrus tree tasted pretty good, but now it wears a wire cage lol. It was a little scary bringing a little dog around a huge boxer, but they do very well, she chews on him and when he has had enough he gently tells her so. They run around and wear each other out, it’s rather funny to watch the little dog bringing down the big dog! I think shortly she will be boss, meanwhile the older female dog watches and makes sure he doesn’t hurt her, if she sees something she doesn’t like even she lets him know, so she has the boss on her side. She loves the pool, last week I emptied it out and she jumped in when it was dry and thought it was cool the way it slid around and so she kept doing it almost as if she was skateboarding, she spent a lot of time in and out of the pool that day and loves the water. She follows me when I have the hose to water and wants to play in it also. She comes in to eat her meals, but she sure is curious as to what they are eating! I’ve taken her on the leash a few times. The first week I kept her in at night, but she has always wanted to be out with the other dogs it seems. Today she is need of a bath. I got her some new toys and new bowls and treats, her favorite is a stuffed raccoon. She loves to run and jump, she can clear some hedges and she likes walking on the railroad ties too. Have a great day!

Pauline, Its been almost 2 weeks and Billie has pretty much taken over our house and yard. She is definitely full of energy, sometimes too much, but after all she is a puppy. She is now eating very regular. On her first ‘meet and greet’ with our friends 2 dogs (3 year old 16 pound Pug and a 4 year old 12 pound Pomeranian) she did just fine. (Billie weights 8.5 pounds). Initially the Pug was freaking here out as she would charge right up to Billie at full speed and then stop just inches away. The Pug was just curious. Billie laid low for a while but then marched right out to the Pug and confronted her nose to nose with a series of loud barks. From then on, the Pug gave her plenty of room. Just curious, was Billie the litter troublemaker ? One of the cute things that Billie does is help me with my iced drinks (water or juice). I have a probable bad habit of eating (crunching) ice after I finish the liquid. Billie actually jumps in my lap and begs for ice when I do this. I feed her ice pieces from my cupped hand while she is in my lap. I know she is not going to be a lap dog but this ice thing is kind of special. Someone in a pet supply store told us that the ice is good for teething as the cold reduces the pain. Will send you more when I can. Thanks again for the unique and beautiful puppy. James and Alima Bryan…

Hi Pauline, As you can see Billie got little sister. She is 1 week younger, her name is Zoey and she is Corgi. They are so much fun to watch! Billie takes care of her and teach her to play. When we had our friends over with their dogs meeting went very smooth. Zoey kept Billie's side, because she knew that she would be safe with her. They both love bath, after which I brush their "hair" give them carrots and then they go to sleep. James will tell you more about them. Alima



Hi Pauline! The drive went pretty well. They totally passed out, I think they like the vibration. Unfortunately, Wrigley did throw up at our first stop. They do continue to cry. Winter went potty on the little pad her first try as well! She seems to be catching on a little faster than Wrigley...We just got back from a good walk and they did very well. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness with the goodie bags. That was so sweet. I will keep you posted on their well being. I am forwarding a few pictures as well in another email. Have a great night!

Best, Nina and Dave



Pauline: Just a note to tell you that 'Bumper' is doing great, now weighs 23# at 7 months, and probably will not get much bigger. He is really quite small and still cute as hell.We probably should have named him 'Biter" or at least "Licker" instead, but that is still puppyhood. He is well house trained now, and has two doggie doors in our Omaha house. The yard is small and not fenced, so we have an invisible fence here. He learned that quickly, and we have had the special collar off for some time. Yesterday, however, he somehow discovered that he could breach the boundary, and was all over the neighborhood. He doesn't try to run off, but just frolicks around and explores. Now he is back with the collar, and had to get a couple of shocks to relearn about the fence! I only worry about him around cars, but he seems to understand the danger there-- of course, he hasn't been off a leash around them very much at all. I don't want him to have the same fate as his daddy, thats for sure. We would not trade him for any amount of money! Right now, I have to take him for his daily run! -Hugh.

Hi Pauline, I just wanted to thank you SO much for your time yesterday. Chloe and I really enjoyed meeting you and all your sweet dogs. They are all so beautiful and so happy and friendly. I cannot thank you enough for taking so much of your time to talk with us and sharing your expertise. Chloe thought you were just the nicest person and talked about how good she felt about you and how honest you were. I just wanted to share that with you. We don't know which way we want to go yet but I wanted to ask you if you I ended up down the road with another female or bought one from you, are any of your males available for stud? If so, can you tell me what you charge? Thank you again Pauline for your kindness. God Bless, Karin :-)



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