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Queenie/Oso litter

Born 02/10/19 Go home 04/13/19 Queenie is my only MDR1 carrier so when she has pups, I test each puppy. We have 2 carriers and they are the 2 blue Merle boys.

What is MDR1?

Multidrug Sensitivity in Dogs-Click Here

This is the blue eyed blue Merle girl mdr1 n/n
Blue eyed Black Tri girl MDR1 n/n. ON HOLD
Blue Eyed Blue Merle Boy MDR1 carrier
Brown Eyed Black Tri Boy MDR1 n/n
Blue Eyed Blue Merle Boy MDR1 carrier



Drugs that have been documented to cause problems in dogs with the MDR1 mutation include: CLICK HERE

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