Our guarantee...

AP RANCH Mini Aussies will guarantee a healthy companion pet upon arrival.  All puppies will have been examined by a licensed Veterinarian prior to delivery, as evidenced by the Health Certificate you will receive with your Mini Aussie. 

We also guarantee that your Mini Aussie will be free of major genetic defects that will hinder the intended use of your puppy for a period of one year from the date of purchase.


The buyer is responsible for having their Mini Aussie puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian within 72 hours of delivery.  If, within the first 72 hours, your veterinarians identify(two opinions required from different practices) a verifiable "health issue" which clearly the puppy obtained prior to shipping, we will refund the purchase price of the puppy. 

If a health issue is found within the first 72 hours:
~  You must return the original puppy and all medical records, registration papers, etc. that you 
      received with your Mini Aussie puppy to AP RANCH Mini Aussies.  
~  You must include verifiable written records from two licensed veterinarians not in the same office

      as to the problem found.  
 You must make arrangements with AP RANCH Mini Aussies for the return of said puppy

      within 48 hours of learning that your Mini Aussie has a health issue. Any expenses incurred

      medical or otherwise after we ship your Mini Aussie puppy are the responsibility of the buyer.  

For the one year guarantee against major genetic defects, the buyer must:
 Receive regular medical checkups on your Mini Aussie as recommended by a licensed 
     Veterinarian and have proof of such.
 Supply your Mini Aussie puppy with high quality puppy food free of corn and wheat and the breeder

      recommended vitamins for the first year of life.
 Keep your Mini Aussie puppy on a strict vaccination and worming schedule as recommended 
     by a licensed Veterinarian.  Failure to keep your Mini Aussie properly protected from disease
     will void any guarantee.  AP RANCH Mini Aussies does not guarantee against contagious diseases.


If your vet identifies a health issue within the first 72 hours, which clearly the puppy obtained prior to shipping, we will refund the original purchase price of the puppy not including any shipping charges.  Any and all shipping charges as well as any medical cost incurred after you receive your Mini Aussie puppy are the responsibility of the buyer.  

If within one year of purchase, your Mini Aussie is found to have a major genetic defect that hinders it for the intended use for which the puppy was purchased, we will replace it with a puppy of same sex and coat color at the first available opportunity as not all color and sex combinations are available in every litter.  If you choose to keep the original puppy plus get the replacement puppy, you will be totally responsible for all medical expenses related to the original puppy.


Your Mini Aussie may acquire disorders that may be caused by environmental factors including but not limited to allergies, thyroid dysfunction, mange, and other autoimmune disorders that are not covered by this guarantee.  My adult mini aussies have not had any of these problems thus far.

Any health issues due to improper feeding or lack of proper medical care such as but not limited to vaccinations, worming, flee and heartworm prevention are not covered by this guarantee. 

AP RANCH Mini Aussies can not guarantee the adult size of your Mini Aussie, (we can only make an educated guess from past experience), coat color, eye color, or temperament (all of our puppies leave us with great temperaments, we do not know what you do with them once they leave our home).  We cannot guarantee you’re Mini Aussie for correctness or quality for use as a breeding dog unless we have determined that “your” pick puppy is of the quality needed for breeding and you have paid for breeding rights.



A deposit of $500 is required for us to hold your Mini Aussie for you.   Puppies are sold on a first come basis.  Having a payment in the mail does not reserve your Mini Aussie for you.  All puppies are for sale until your deposit has been received by AP RANCH Mini Aussies.   We suggest sending deposits through Pay Pal as this is the quickest way to reserve your Mini Aussie.  Deposits are non-refundable.


Payments can be made via Pay Pal, Postal Money Order, or Cashier's Check.  Full payment is due by the time the puppy reaches 7 weeks of age if being picked up or 8 weeks of age if being shipped.  Balances may be paid in cash (preferred) at the time of pickup if you are picking up the puppy in person.  We suggest you use Pay Pal for your deposit as this will secure your puppy choice in the quickest time. Using one of the other methods for final payment will reduce any additional fees.


PAY PAL ~ Each and all Pay Pal payments will require you pay an additional 5% service fee.


CHECKS ~   Checks are accepted for deposits but will not guarantee you will get the puppy you want because of time in the mail.

BOARDING ~  Puppies not picked up by 10 weeks of age will be subject to boarding fees of $5.00 per day in addition to any medical treatment deemed necessary including vaccinations and worming.

AIRFARE ~ Charge is $350.  “Not included in the purchase price of the puppy.”  Price is subject to change but will be the actual cost of the health certificate, crate, airfare, and my time and fuel for the vet trip and trip to airport which is an hour away.

PUPPY PRICING ~Call or Text for pricing

NO BREEDING RIGHTS -~All puppies sold will be on limited registration no exceptions, I only place my puppies in excellent pet homes not for breeding purposes.


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